First Showcase & Sunday Best in the Books!

Boston Comedy Chicks kicked off our 2016-2017 season in style on Saturday, September 10th, with our first Showcase show of the year. The Showcase featured a lineup of ten comedians who had a packed crowd at Doyle’s Cafe in stitches for the duration of the night.

The wonderful comedians who performed at our first Saturday Showcase!

The comedians who performed at our first Saturday showcase

The lineup featured local favorites, Molly Dugan, Dana Jay Bein, Kindra Landsburg, David Thomas, Nonye Brown-West and BCC co-producers Kathe Farris and Laura Severse. The show also featured two out of town comedians, Annie Russell who came down from Vermont, and Venessa Lince who is based in NYC. Emily Ruskowski headlined the Showcase, and brought down the house with her personal stories about losing her mother and her love of RuPaul.

In other news, our Sunday Best workshop, which is back for its second year and is taught by our very own Kathe Farris sold out! On Sunday, September 11th, twenty plus aspiring comedians honed their skills during our workshop, which was followed by our first ever Sunday Best show. The show featured a lineup of local comedians, which included Kate Procyshyn, Brett Johnson, Ryan Chani, Mindy Mazur, Denis Morin, Kathe Farris, Erika Welch, and Laura Severse.

Most of the comedians from the Sunday Best show!

Most of the comedians from the Sunday Best show

Special thanks goes out to all the people who made the Showcase and the Sunday Best workshop & show possible! The comedians, the producers of Boston Comedy Chicks, the WICF team, Jordan Wuth, and Doyle’s Cafe, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Our next Showcase show is on Saturday, October 8th at 8 PM! If you missed out on the first one, or had a blast and want to come back for more, you can buy your tickets here

Our next Sunday Best workshop is on Sunday, October 9th at 5 pm and tickets are available here Admission to the show is free for workshop participants, but available to public for only $5, purchase them here



BCC Now Open to People of All Genders

The September 10th Showcase will be our first to feature male performers. These two men, David Thomas and Dana Jay Bein are staples within the Boston comedy community. With their extensive involvement on and off stage, they have created a network and produced shows that have helped advance newer comedians as well as promoted women in comedy. We love them, and think you will too!

While Boston Comedy Chicks remains female led and will continue to feature predominately female performers, all our offerings will now be open to all allies of women in comedy. Following in the footsteps of the Women in Comedy Festival, which has been open to performers of all genders since its inception, Boston Comedy Chicks remains steadfastly committed to our mission to celebrate female comedians and create supportive space for female performers. By adding a second, majority female show on Sundays, Boston Comedy Chicks will nearly double its opportunity for women in perform.

Further, Boston Comedy Chicks recognizes the importance of gender inclusivity because as a culture we are learning what many have long known: gender is a fluid plurality, not a binary. We are eager to include trans and non-binary individuals in our workshops and shows, and with that in mind, Boston Comedy Chicks now welcomes comedians of all gender identities.

We can’t wait to see you at our shows and workshops this year! See what we have going on this season at