Thank you to our staff, who continuously work to make Boston Comedy Chicks better.


Michelle Barbera


Michelle is a founder and co-producer of WICF and the Women in Comedy Festival. She is thrilled to be joining Boston Comedy Chicks and partnering the two organizations. In addition to her role as producer, she has performed, written, and produced comedy in Boston for over a decade. She was a member of ImprovBoston’s mainstage for over four years and co-directed the Tribe Theatre. Michelle has directed numerous improv troupes, sketch shows, and has taught improv master classes and workshops. She founded and co-produces the award-winning WMAM films, which has screened films nationally at the Independent Television Festival, Boston Film Festival, Filmapalooza, and her personal favorite, the Zompire Film Festival.


Robin Maxfield


For the past five years Robin has been a professional emcee and competed in story slams. In addition she has become a stand up comedienne and producer of Boston Comedy Chicks. She saw early on the power of storytelling and humor as effective communication tools for influencing and persuading others. Her “boots on the ground” experience with these skills allows Robin to be uniquely suited for helping others develop these advanced communication skills. Robin Maxfield is a certified coach-trainer with more than 20 years experience developing and leading communication training programs. Robin combines her serious understanding of how mindset affects human behavior with a witty and motivational coaching style. Her ability to create and nurture a positive mindset has helped her clients be more effective at persuading, influencing and being dynamic.


Erika Welch


When this crazy-eyed mom isn’t screaming into her pillow or working out to her vast collection of 80s VHS tapes, she is making people laugh! Mostly at her, but Erika does cast a wide net of hilarity.

Erika performs her unique blend of ‘Mom-com” in and around the Boston Suburbs in some bars without windows, PTO fundraisers and charity events. Her sarcastic, zen-like banter will have you adding new words and images to your dream board within minutes.

She has been working with Boston Comedy Chicks since at least 2009. Interwoven into her comedy career you’ll find ten years experience in corporate marketing production, events and digital media.

Her most recent role helping with the union of Boston Comedy Chicks and Women in Comedy Festival blends her knack for project management and love of comedy. Erika is thrilled  that she is not only working with Laura Severse, Kathe Farris, Michelle Barbera and Robin Maxfield on this adventure but she can also say with conviction that she has all their home phone numbers!


Kathe Farris


Kathe Farris is a suburban housewife and mother of two teenagers. She shares her unsolicited advice and wisdom about everyday things from calcium supplements to the political awfulness behind book groups.  Ms. Farris participated in the Boston Comedy Festival 2014 & 2015, Women in Comedy Festival 2015 and the Chicago Funny Festival 2015.  She recently joined the ImprovBoston staff teaching Intro to Stand-up. In August 2016 she was Comic in Residence at The Comedy Studio. She performs frequently at Laugh Boston, ImprovBoston, The Comedy Studio, Boston Comedy Chicks and a host of local and private shows including, but not limited to, a hair salon in Malden.

 Ms. Farris started performing stand-up nineteen years ago before career, babies and all that comes with it.  Kathe returned to the microphone 3 years ago after collecting a minivan full of material and a desire to model to her kids that you should do what you love…and stay in school and don’t do drugs.

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Laura Severse


Laura Severse is a native Bostonian, working mother of two by day, and comedian by night. Laura began doing standup in 2001 but took a detour into marriage, motherhood and middle management.  She is now back on the scene and performing all over Boston. She recently performed in New Orleans and Las Vegas.  Laura’s comedic material comes from her large, dysfunctional Dorchester family, mean-spirited co-workers and her two small children.  Laura brings humor to her stories about climbing the corporate ladder, body image in the workplace and what it’s like to raise two small children in today’s world. An associate producer for the Boston Comedy Chicks and a regular performer at the Comedy Studio and Improv Boston, Laura just completed a two month comic residency at The Riot Theater in Jamaica Plain.